Technical Support


1.  Formwork solution and formwork construct preparation

Polyural have the professional engineers to offer the formwork solution according the construction drawing .They will use Polyural formwork to match the structure and give out the optimized formwork solution and material list.Client just need to follow the formwork solution drawing to install the formwork.

2.  Polyural formwork installing

Polyural will offer the technical support on jobsite.The professional engineer will teach the work to use Polyural formwork.Just need to follow the Polyural installing process and formwork solution to install Polyural formwork.

3.   Reinforcement

Just need the normal material to reinforce Polyural formwork.You can choose to use square tube,scaffolding tube,etc.The span of the reinforcement should obey the Polyural formwork solution.

4. Recycle process

The ourworn formwork have at least 15% residual value.You can sell it to local market or to Polyural.People will crack it to plastic partical to produce other product,like pile,household appliance cover,etc.

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