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 Polyural is the first company to develop and generalize the modularized thermoplastic formwork in China.We start to research and produce it in 2009.Polyural thermoplastic formwork can use for more than 80 times.It is only 12.5Kg/m2.No need crane to lift it during installing and dismantling.No need timbers and nails. It is alkali-resisted,acid-resisted,anti-aging and water proof. The surface of the concrete will be perfect.It can achive the fair-face concrete surface.Just use the clips to connect the Polyural formwork,so it is very easy and fast to install and dismantle it.Because the plastic if recyclable material.The outworn formwork still have 15% residual value.People will crack it to plastic partical to produce other new product,like pipe,household appliances cover,etc.It is environment-friendly formwork.

Polyural formwork have been used for over 400 projects in China.It can be used for all kinds of project.Like pipe gallery ,subway station,hydropower station,housing construction,expressway,plant,railway.Many construction companies cooperated with Polyural.Polyural formwork have exported to Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,Laos,Burma,Tajikistan,South Africa,etc.It is economical and environment friendly formwork.Polyural formwork is the best portable and durabe choice.

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